Event Registration and Scheduling

Ensembles can sign up for events via ShowDay. Payments can be processed online, by check, or both. ShowDay doesn't take a cut of your show fees because we know those funds are needed to operate the events. Schedules and other event materials are automatically created for you so you don't have to worry about typing it all out into documents or spreadsheets; it's ready to export to PDF whenever you are.

Tabulation and Recaps

Judges enter scores via a phone, tablet, or computer; once submitted, scores are saved instantly. All score calculations are performed by ShowDay so transposition or mathematical errors are a thing of the past. Event administrators can view and verify the scores throughout the event; ready-formatted recaps can be exported to PDF and/or printed at any time.

Online Commentary

Event administrators load judge commentary to ShowDay via a simple, straightforward upload process. Ensemble directors and staff can listen to their ensemble's commentary from their phone, tablet, or computer; they can also download the commentary files. Judges can reference their commentary at a later date for review or auditing purposes.

What's next?

Ensemble staff can log in or register here.

ShowDay was built for organizations operating marching band, winter guard, or winter percussion shows. If your organization doesn't quite fit that mold don't worry, we might be able to customize ShowDay for you, or perhaps one of our custom solutions is the right way to go.

Circuit/organization administrators who'd like know more can contact us to get the discussion started -- response times are fast, you'll hear back ASAP. We'll be more than happy to talk with you about our uncomplicated, competitive pricing model, how our features work, set up a demo, or anything else you'd like to discuss.


ShowDay was built by people running shows for people running shows. Because it has been proven to save time and money, promote accuracy, and overall make the entire show administration/participation experience better, we think ShowDay is great; but we're probably a little biased.

To even that out, we thought you'd want to hear what other folks had to say.

Jennifer Bauman

"ShowDay is the best show management software available on the market. It's so easy to use! Every detail of the platform has been crafted with incredible thought and care, combining the best of functionality and user-friendliness for admins, educators, and judges. ShowDay is efficient, smooth, and reliable!"

Marcos Rivera

"CVGPC has utilized ShowDay for several years and we think it's extremely efficient and user-friendly. Having been on the beta team, we've provided feedback from our circuit staff and judges to ensure it's easy for everyone to use. It's the perfect online event management and tabulation system for our color guard and percussion events."


Hey there! Getting in touch is super easy, just shoot us an email. You can use the web domain of this site along with the word info and the at sign. Email is closely monitored and you'll receive a response asap.